“This plays like the best classic rock album you’ve never heard.”

Never has a title been so apt. This is pure top shelf, retro gold.

On paper it could be a disaster: blues-based, melodic classic rock built around the duo of guitarist Tom Jude and bass player Freddy Villano, with an assortment of singers – six in total. You’d think a few would be hit and, more than likely, a high percentage would be a miss but far, far from it.




“Straight up, no frills, gun metal rockin’ blues in the most classic vein.” Todd Severin

Slam the door, crank up the stereo and turn the key to your ’69 Camero cause we got just the soundtrack for your rock n roll road trip.  Straight up, no frills, gun metal rockin’ blues in the most classic vein.  Full of screaming guitars, grooving basslines and a good, ‘ol fashioned leading man who can sing with the best of them.  Rock n Roll Hit Machine is the debut album from “supergroup” of sorts, American Mafia and is simply 12 tracks of  world-class retro-70s Classic Rock, in the Bad Company, Whitesnake class.




“American Mafia created a stellar slice of classic rock that feels both familiar and refreshingly new.”  Derric Miller

 American Mafia’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Hit Machine is better than it should be. How do you take so many different singers, so many songwriting teams, and a couple songs written for someone else’s voice and make it one cohesive, naturally flowing release from start to finish? That seems daunting at best, a fool’s errand at worse. Good thing Villano and Jude didn’t listen to the voices of doubt; they accomplished it, and you should really hear it …


“Rock N’ Roll Hit Machine is a throwback to ’70s blues-based hard rock.” Skid

By no means an innovative release, Rock N’ Roll Hit Machine perfectly captures the bluesy side of a genre that reached its commercial peak some forty years ago. However, not unlike Holy Water, American Mafia occasionally drifts too deeply into AOR — and while the changes in tempo and delivery mix up the proceedings, the band are at their best when they rock out and pay homage to some of their idols.



“You can’t fake the genuine sound and the bluesy passion that these guys display; Rock N’ Roll Hit Machine is classic hard rock.” Jeff Legg

Straight out of the box, “Rock N’ Roll Hit Machine” is classic southern hard rock, and with the current state of the music industry virtually void of this style of music, this release should make some waves. For the avid rock n’ roll fan, it’s easy to distinguish between a band playing from their heart and soul, and a band that has to manufacture the sound, leaving the material less than authentic. There is no questioning where these guy’s roots lie, as early influences from the likes of .38 SPECIAL and LYNYRD SKYNYRD are evident all throughout this collection of songs. At times, their music takes on a TESLA meets THE BLACK CROWES sound, and there are moments that display a bluesy LED ZEPPLIN flavor. You can’t fake the genuine sound and the bluesy passion that these guys display, and the future looks bright. “Rock N’ Roll Hit Machine” would have been an huge hit, and more than likely a platinum record, back during the southern-fried-80’s era and has the potential to put this genre back on the map. I’m all in on this one.

“If you’re looking for a rock album that drives full throttle on all cylinders and in your face, with massive melodic hooks, look no further.” Rick Jamm

This album is as powerful, intense and phenomenal as anything put out in the 70s or 80s. “Rock N’ Roll Hit Machine” is an incredibly focused and emotional hard rock album from the totally rejuvenated guitarist Tom Jude, bassist Freddy Villano, drummer Bobby Marks and singers Don Chaffin, John West, Jimmy Kunes, Mike DiMeo and Ed Terry.




“American Mafia have the songs and then some, from start to finish this is a sure fire Rock n’ Roll Hit Machine!” Steven Reid

Fittingly, instrumental “Resurrection” closes things out, 55 seconds of percussion, bass sliding and guitar howling, illustrating that while Rock n’ Roll Hit Machine contains and array of ultra talented vocalists in the best of surrounds, without the songs to back it all up, it would count for little. American Mafia have the songs and then some, for from start to finish this is a sure fire Rock n’ Roll Hit Machine!




If you love your rock distinctly classic and played like they mean it then American Mafia is a band you cannot miss.” Mark Rockpit

Wow! Groove-laden, classic blues-infused hard rock with some killer guitars and killer vocals, it’s just what you want to be listening to as you ride into the weekend. If you love your rock distinctly classic, meaningful and played like they mean it then ‘American Mafia’ is a band you cannot miss. Listening to ‘Obsession’ the first track, which lays down a fat groove and serves as the best introduction to the band I get a little Foreigner in the vocals, and a nice funky, bluesy groove made to sing along to. But this isn’t just a band with a few good tunes and a decent record, this is music rooted in the 70’s that is being made TODAY, not only that it is JUST AS GOOD as some of those bands we all know and love from that era – it’s all about the songs you see, and these guys have them in spades.


“This is top-notch bluesy melodic rock with a strong British seventies vibe.” JANNE STARK

Great stuff! Second track Every Time is a more straight ahead southern rocker with Kunes stretching his vocal cords like only he can. Next up is John West, whose voice may not be as raspy, but instead he adorns this Bad Company style Brit rocker with a more Paul Rodgers:y blues feel. Up-tempo blues rocker Death & Destruction introduces another outstanding singer in Don Chaffin (Red Lamb), who sounds confusingly close to Rufus Huff’s Jarrod England, whose voice I totally love! So far, four outta four! And, it just keeps on!


“Impeccable production and world class performances highlight this tremendous album.” M. Loop

American Mafia is a modern day hair band and what a band they are – this rocks!

The bands that these fine musicians have played with in the past is a virtual who’s who of 80’s rock royalty (Cinderella, Quiet Riot and Dokken, just to name a few).

There are so many musicians involved in this band (listed below) which is more a community than structured unit. I image they place calls from their little black book saying “We’re playing Friday, you free?” and they see who shows up. It doesn’t matter who does, it will kick ass.